Danny Bevins

Well known for the comic video documentary, "Comic on Duty- We Love You Mrs. Bevins", Danny Bevins is an American actor, writer and producer who specializes in comedy. The stand up comedian has been called many things such as juvenile delinquent, flight attendant, soldier, husband, patient and "disturbingly hilarious". You can click here SUpComedy to access the comedian tours, upcoming events & shows and tickets.

Danny Bevins has a familiar tale. He begun as an open-miker, waited tables during the day to earn the daily bread and even did house emceeing. The desire to craft good comedy has been the most important thing in Bevins's life. He has hit the road in an uncountable number of times something which has enabled him rise to the top of the comedy food chain.

In 1997, comedian Danny Bevins made an important trip to LA that put him into limelight. During this trip, he appeared on NBC's 'The Leeza Show' and MTV's 'The Jenny McCarthy'. In 1998, the comedian partnered with Andrew Clay "Dice" on his 14 city tour.

Danny's fellow comedians and the entire comedy industry immediately noticed his sharp wit & skills and innovative style of performance. In 1999 and 2000, he was allowed to participate in a number of comedy events, including the US Comedy Arts Festival and the San Francisco Comedy Competition. His comedy work is based majorly on authority and temptation.

One of his works, "A different Kind of Bad", is featured in Stand Up! Records. Released in 2009, the comic album has been given the number, SUR 049. Apart from "A different Kind of Bad" and "Comic on Duty- We Love You Mrs. Bevins", Bevins has released other notable comics such as "Salty Language, Peppered Morals", "The World Stands Up", "Billy Gardell Presents Road Dogs: Chicago" and Red Light Comedy: Live from Amsterdam.

As an actor, Danny Bevins was involved in "Sullivan & Son" and "The North American Smoker". As a producer, he has done the TV series, "American Wiseass". Bevins has written "Comic on Duty- We Love You Mrs. Bevins" making him a skilled writer.

On the side of awards, Bevins won the 2000 San Francisco International Comedy Competition, the World Stands Up Producer award and the Star of the comedy documentary award by the Comedy Central- Premium Blend Paramount's. He gets credit for featuring at the HBO US Arts Comedy Festival and on The Jameson Comedy Tour.

On a bit negative side, his big mouth has gotten him in trouble in a number of times. He has been arrested, fired from jobs and even fined. Some comedy lovers don't like Danny because of him being loud, ridiculous, opinionated, sarcastic, dangerous, irreverent and cocky.

Today, Danny Bevins is majorly involved in comedy headlining. He moves from one club to another doing what he loves most. He is popular with his introduction line "The Son of a Jesus Freak & a Green Beret. His fans describe him as an American SmartAss. This is because he likes using the A-word. He remains to be one of the American comedians with a big following. His charming character and innovative performances continue to pull crowds in entertainment joints. Those who love comedy based on authority and temptation are the biggest fans of Danny Bevins.